Free leggings sewing pattern how to:-

On the free patterns menu go to bottom of page and download pattern to print at home.

I used a Jersey fabric but any stretch fabric will do, even an old t shirt. Place pattern on fabric so that the most stretch will be horizontal (across the body not down the legs).

 Cut out 2 complete pieces

Hem bottom of each leg using zigzag or stretch stitch.

Fold one piece in half with right sides together and stitch (using serger/overlocker or stretch stitch on sewing machine) from the newly hemmed bottom of leg to top of curve. Repeat with other piece.

You should now have 2 pieces that look like this.

Take one sewn piece and turn right side out, insert into piece that is wrong side out, so that right sides of fabric are together with tops lined up. Make sure legs are not twisted, line seams up.

Sew from top of waistband around curve and up other side.

Pull leg through so that fabric is wrong side out.

Fold over approx 2 cm to make a casing for the elastic. Sew close to the raw edge leaving a gap for threading elastic through.

I used 12mm width elastic measured to the width of the top of the leggings without stretching.

Attach a safety pin to one end of elastic to thread through casing being careful not to twist elastic as you pull it through.

Sew ends of elastic together and slip back into casing, sewing gap together by hand.

Team with a long sleeved t shirt for a cosy comfy outfit.

If you have any problems leave me a comment and I will try to help.

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