Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Summer Hols

I love the summer holidays, the "no rush" mornings, impulsive days out, sitting in the garden reading craft  blogs, summer sewing, the list could go on. Therefore, I thought I would share the tutorials and blog's I have recently perused at leisure, whilst doing laundry (sat in the garden with ice cold drink and my sun brolly up) getting the picture? 

Anyhoo to start off I found a link to these cute creatures

 on my facebook page by Gingermelon Dolls. I always appreciate that someone has taken time to share their creative know how and supply a free pattern for you to join in.  Click the link here to go the blog to download and print the pattern (with a tutorial). She also has quite a list of tutorials, I browsed for hours!

Melly Sews blog has lots of tutorials and links to fabulous things such as sewing vinyls, how to insert a zip fly and lots of fabby patterns for sundresses and baby gifts. Always a good read on a sunny afternoon, see here for this 

and here for this 

and finally from Melly Sews, these two just made me chuckle

My machine definitely has a "cry hole".

I spent a pleasant hour or two going through back copies of Ottobre Design, the magazine is produced in Finland but is available in English directly from their online store or from WH Smith. I use the cheapest greaseproof paper from the supermarket as pattern paper to trace the designs as, not only is it cheap, its more durable for rubbing out mistakes when you trace the wrong line. I love the French style design to the kids clothes and its cheaper than buying lots of patterns. Check it out for yourself here and I love this

Because of the amount of cute things to make from knit/jersey I browsed eBay and bought these

to make . . . well I don't know yet, maybe a soft baby blanket, cool cravat type bibs, or clothes like these

or these

Guess that's another afternoon in the garden to decide then!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Back to Sewing, Crafting and all things creative

Wow, what a first half year this has been! Back in Feb toddled off to the Doc's with a hard lump in my neck that proved to be quite troublesome. It didn't hurt but was just there in the background like an unwelcome guest. Months of blood tests, ultra sounds and x-rays proved that cells were benign but not what caused it. So after much consideration, we as a family decided to have it cut out and thrown in the bin, ha that would show you, you nasty lump.

Post op pic

Unfortunately the op proved to be more painful than I imagined (still think I'm a spring chicken) and I have been finding it difficult to do everyday tasks. It rather feels like my chin is now attached to my chest!

Still, enough of the moaning (and groaning) lol, with painkillers in hand I shall attempt to create beautiful gifts for friends, family and customers with my trusty old sewing machine. Which leads me ever so innocently to my Etsy shop which, although sparingly stocked, is now open for business.

Click here

Onwards and upwards!